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"Who we are, and everything that
we do and create in every
moment of our lives, is a
culmination of what we have
learned, done, and experienced on
our life's journey."

    Get ready to be amazed. Learn
    fun techniques to add eye-
    catching hues and dazzling
    textures to your paintings with
    Ward Jene Stroud. Brusho is an
    ink and dye based crystal
    powdered water media with
    limitless potential for expression
    and experimentation..Ward will
    instruct on composition, color,
    brushwork and more while you
    compose paintings in a fun, safe,
    nonjudgmental and relaxed
    environment! You will feel like
    your learning from an old friend,
    not to mention Ward's
    excitement for life and love of art
    are infectious. He has produced
    three Instructional DVDs/Videos,
    Brusho and Beyond.
Ward Jene Stroud

Brusho and Beyond
all levels welcome
- studio

August 27 - 31, 2018
Bend, OR


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    WARD JENE STROUD This award winning artist has assembled, in his 59 years, some of life's greatest lessons
    working as a professional - figure skater, choreographer and coach, graphic artist, fine artist,
    singer/songwriter/musician, published photographer, dancer, art instructor, entrepreneur and more. His life's body of
    work, hard-won lessons, triumphs, tragedies and experiences are the wells that he draws from to create art. Ward
    owns and operates a small gallery in historic downtown Portland, Oregon and is a juried member of both the WSO
    (Watercolor Society of Oregon) and the Oregon Society of Artists (OSA) where he is on permanent staff and teaches a
    weekly class. Ward has had numerous one-man exhibits, his work has been featured in magazines and programs
    covers, and he has produced three feature Instructional DVDs/Videos, Brusho and Beyond. Ward speaks at national
    conventions as an expert and demonstrates for both national and international art companies. He has written several
    published articles on watercolor and Brusho and created several popular and highly-viewed YouTube videos.

Class Description
    Class Description - Brusho and Beyond! Brusho for fun... emphasis on Beyond!

    Brusho - Brusho is a revolutionary new “stand-out-in-a-crowd" watercolor media! Brusho is an ink and dye based
    crystal powdered water media that is taking the world by storm! Learn how to use exciting new paint with fun
    techniques. Incorporate Brusho into your existing work to add eye-catching colors and dazzling textures that delight
    the eyes as well as the senses...

    And Beyond! - Go beyond Brusho and explore the fundamentals and classics that make watercolor fun with a fresh
    take from one of Americas newest up and coming emerging artists. Learn the basics like composition and
    implementation of color, brush work and Ward's many tips and secrets while using tried-and-true techniques handed
    down by the masters. Each day Ward will do a demonstration or a class project which you can follow or... you can
    work on your own projects! Have fun and learn as you craft your painting of animals, or any other choice of subject.
    This is your workshop. There is limitless space for expression and experimentation with this engaging, energetic
    instructor using Brusho and your familiar paints and tools.

    Class Outline - Each day will begin with a demonstration, followed by individual practice and one-on-one help.
    We will end each day with a group critique. Some days will include a second demonstration, if time permits. You can
    paint what the teacher is painting or bring photo references of your own.

    Day 1 Morning demonstration followed by an introduction to Brusho and time to experiment and explore with Brusho.
    Then you will have time to paint the morning demo or one of your reference photos from home. We will discuss the
    next days project and how to create it. End of day critique.

    Day 2 - 5  Morning demonstration followed by one-on-one instruction and, if time permits, a second demonstration in
    the afternoon followed by explanation of the next day's project. End of day critique.

    Optional: Tuesday after class Ward will share some of the "basic" technology skills he uses to accelerate his art. For
    those of you that want to know how to use smart phones and tablets as tools to make life easier... yes I did say easier,
    you can learn some real basic and powerful "digital" survival skills that will make a huge difference in your artistic life.
    We will announce the time once we are all on location.