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    We are so happy you have chosen to visit our website. If you are visiting our site, then we
    share a common interest, the love of art and art making. As artists, we strive to learn,
    grow and explore using paint as our medium. We are offering 14 fine art painting
    workshops this year with the finest instructors available to help you reach your goals.

    Congratulations to Josephine Takamoto, winner of the 2018 Nicholas Simmons
    Memorial Scholarship Award. We are so happy for you.

    Our exciting destinations are different
    every year, though we do have favorite
    places we visit regularly and you can always
    summer months. We often arrange extra
    curricular activities, including a reception,
    before your workshop, and a class dinner
    one evening. We don't want to take all of
    your time after bringing you to a premiere
    destination. You will want time to explore
    with your classmates and companions. See
    past class photos here >>>. We always
    place you in proximity to great shops,
    restaurants, entertainment and necessities.

    Learn and explore in a fun, comfortable and educational setting with world renowned
    instructors. Workshops are designed to offer instruction in most media, studio and plein
    air, with various needs in mind for every level of artist.

    Whether you enjoy
    painting for a hobby, or
    painting is your career,
    art education is dynamic
    and most valuable if it
    involves daily one-on-
    one instruction and
    demonstrations. We limit
    our class sizes to 18 or 20
    to allow time for more
    individual attention.

    Creating art is a testimony
    of what you see. It is as
    unique as your thumbprint.
    We all have the ability to
    interpret what we see and
    embellish or represent the
    ideas we want to convey to
    the viewer. Our models and
    still life set-ups are amazing.
    Master teachers have done it all and with their experience and guidance you can step
    out of your comfort zone and try new techniques and ideas in our warm and caring
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IT IS OUR GOAL to present the highest quality fine art workshops available, to all levels of aspiring
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WE WORK HARD to keep abreast of the highest quality painting instructors available in the world and
provide their instruction to you, our patrons, in premiere destinations.
WE PROMISE to serve you, our client, with respect, kindness, and support, prior to, during, and after
your workshop.