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Mary Whyte

Painting the Self Portrait in
Watercolor with Mary Whyte


all levels welcome
November 16 - 18
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Pacific Time


    Join Mary Whyte for a Zoom
    Workshop focusing on the Art
    of the Self Portrait.  For
    centuries, artists like
    Rembrandt, Van Gogh,
    Sargent and Wyeth,
    periodically turned their focus
    inward for a reflective self
    portrait.  During this time of
    the pandemic, historic
    changes, new insights and self-
    quarantine, many artists
    worldwide are doing the same.
    Using a standalone mirror,
    Mary will demonstrate and
    guide you through the
    techniques of planning your
    unique composition, drawing,
    mixing flesh color and
    creating a background that
    tells your story.  She will also
    talk about maintaining your
    pose, avoiding mistakes and
    will also give personal
    critiques and tips for
    marketing your work.  Mary’s
    work is in many corporate and
    museum collections, and has
    been featured in International
    Artist, American Artist, Artist
    Magazine, and American Art
    Collector magazines. She has
    been awarded the Portrait
    Society of America's Gold
Herman Pekel

“Landscape Demonstration”,


all levels welcome
November 20
4:00 PM
Pacific Time
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    Unearth fresh and honest art
    inside yourself and learn to
    capture it with paint. Herman
    will demonstrate a landscape
    painting in watercolor in his
    studio in Melbourne, Australia.
    Get new ideas in a way that is
    fun and fast. You will learn
    about color mixing, glazes,
    composition, drying time,
    thickness and edges while
    watching Herman create an
    impressionist painting with
    easy to learn techniques.
    Herman's works are featured
    in the books Australian
    Impressionists and Realist
    Artists, 120 years of
    Watercolourist,  Artists and
    Galleries of Australia and New
    Zealand, and Profile on
    Contemporary Watercolours.