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    Preserve your memories in a
    reminiscent and unparalleled
    way. A photograph is
    evidence of your visit, but a
    sketch of the same will bring
    back the feeling of the day,
    the smell of the local cafe
    and the feel of the culture.
    David Lobenberg will teach
    the six universal skill sets of
    drawing, as well as, critical
    compositional, color, and
    value strategies. David’s
    watercolor paintings can be
    found in private, public, and
    corporate collections across
    the country.  His work has
    been featured in American
    Artist, Southwest Art, and
    American Art Collector
    magazines to name a few.
David Lobenberg

On-The-Go Ink and Wash Sketching
Plein air - all levels welcome

June 29 - July 3, 2020
Bend, OR


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Class Description

    Wow - talk about something that is super duper compact for easy travel and affords the ability to create exquisite
    little sketches with minimum muss or fuss, this is it! David first introduced his technique to the art world in a 2006
    issue of American Artist Magazine, and has been teaching it around the country ever since. With these few
    inexpensive and highly portable art tools, you can sketch with ease around the house, around the town, or around
    the world! In David's plein air workshop, not only will you master the On-The-Go Sketching technique, but also
    critical compositional, color, and value strategies. And since your sketches will always start out with a pencil
    drawing, he will be adding the six universal skill sets of drawing into the workshop!

    David Lobenberg’s high level of excellence in figurative/ landscape watercolor and acrylic painting is well
    recognized by artists and collectors nationwide. David Lobenberg is a teacher and fine artist specializing and
    exhibiting in the mediums of watercolor and acrylic. His works and techniques have been published in the following
    national and international periodicals: The Art Of Watercolour, Watercolor Magazine, Artist’s Magazine, Art
    Collector, Plein Air Magazine, The Palette Magazine, and Pratique De Arts, international art magazine. His works
    have been exhibited in the United States,  France, Southeast Asia, and Turkey. David has been teaching art
    workshops for over thirty years in California and out-of-state. His teaching style can be summed up with the
    following words: exuberant, fun, engaging, and encouraging. Recent workshop venues include Art In The
    Mountains (Oregon), Peninsular Art League (Washington), Sierra Watercolor Society (Nevada), Utah Watercolor
    Society in Salt Lake City and Saint George, California Watercolor Association, The Santa Clara Valley Watercolor
    Association (California), Society of Western Artists (California), and the Baltimore Watercolor Society.

    He has completed commissioned works for
    The United States Air Force,
    Thunderbirds Alumni Association,
    the Amgen Tour Of California,
    The Sacramento Kings and River Cats,
    Major league baseball players Barry Zito and Nick Swisher,
    IMAX Corporation, and
    SureWest Corporation, to name a few.

    David Lobenberg has a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from UCLA and is a recently retired adjunct art professor at
    Sacramento City College.