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    Join us for a travel and
    painting adventure of a
    lifetime. Bonnie Broitzman
    and Art in the Mountains
    invite you to join us on this
    15-day art adventure from
    London, England to Athens,
    Greece.  Bonnie will provide
    instruction, demonstrations,
    individual help and critiques
    on days at sea so you can
    enjoy your off-ship
    excursions with your
    companion(s).  No on
    location painting experience
    is necessary. Enjoy travel
    adventures with other artists
    without hauling all kinds of
    equipment. We will paint in
    the comfort of the ship and
    use our "off of the ship time"
    to gather photos and just
    have fun.Bonnie's work can
    be seen in Karlyn Holman's
    books: Watercolor, The Spirit
    of Spontaneity, Searching for
    the Artis With and
    Watercolor Fun and Free.
Bonnie Broitzman
"Watercolor Abstraction"
"15-Days - London to Athens Cruise"
watercolor, studio workshop

12   Ports of Call Onboard the Norwegian Star

October 10 - 25, 2020
For All Levels Painters & Travel Enthusiasts
$555 for workshop
Cruise is Separate, but through AITM

Cruise Pricing/Information >>>

    OCTOBER 10 - 25, 2020

    Please Note:

    ·        Disembarkation usually begins 2 hours after docking.
    ·        Due to security reasons, all guests must be on board 2 hours before sailing.
    ·        Itineraries are subject to change at any time without notice.
    ·        Check your specific sailing for exact departure and arrival times. All times are local to the port.

    Day      Cruise Ports                                                Arrive                 Depart        
    Sat        London (Southampton), England                ---                                5:00 PM
    Protected from the frequent storms of the English Channel by the Isle of Wight, Southampton has survived a turbulent
    history to serve as a principal port of the United Kingdom today. Pay homage to one of the most famous ships to sail
    these shores at the Mayflower Memorial. Visit the stoic walls of Bargate and the Tudor House Museum.
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      59        15
    Average Low      46        7
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              3.7       9.398

    Sun        Paris (Le Havre), France                                7:00 AM                7:00 PM
    Hop on a tour bus to the City of Light to experience the magic of Paris. Stroll down the Champs-Elysées as you nibble
    on a croissant. Take photos of beautiful Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Notre-Dame, the Louvre, Montmartre
    and all the other iconic places of Paris lie 120 miles up the Seine from the port of Le Havre. Or explore the charms of
    Le Havre, spend the day at Monet’s Giverny or explore Rouen’s Old Market Place, where Joan of Arc was burned in
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      61        16
    Average Low      50        10
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              2.8       7.112

    Mon - Wed At Sea - Class is 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    Thu        Barcelona, Spain                                        10:00 AM                7:00 PM
    The capital of Catalonia, and one of its provinces, Barcelona, is a place of palpable history, where you can lose
    yourself strolling down the medieval streets of the Barri Gotic. It's a city designed to delight the senses: visit other-
    worldly Modernista churches like Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia, or treat yourself at a street side cafe to Patatas Bravas
    or a Passion Fruit Mojito. Explore more of Barcelona on a European cruise!
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      70        21
    Average Low      54        12
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              3.7       9.398

    Fri        Villefranche, France                                      11:00 AM                8:00 PM
    Villefranche is an enchanting example of the French Riviera’s allure that’s nestled a mere 6km east of Nice. Stroll
    along the Old Harbor for majestic views of the Mediterranean. Saint Michael’s Church houses many incredible
    artworks and an 18th-century organ constructed by the Grinda Brothers. Relax on one of the local beaches or trek up
    to the Fort Du Mont Alban, a 16th-century structure overlooking the city. For some subterranean scenery, head to the
    Rue Obscure under the city or the prehistoric archeological site at Grotte du Lazaret.
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      68        20
    Average Low      60        15
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              4.3      10.922

    Sat        Florence/Pisa (Livorno), Italy                        8:00 AM                8:00 PM
    How lucky to visit the Tuscan region, Florence & Pisa, resplendent in art and history. What's even more fortunate is
    that all the main attractions in Florence are centrally located for the perfect walking tour. See Santa Croce, Piazza del
    Duomo and Michelangelo's David. Explore more of Florence & Pisa on a European cruise!
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      70        21
    Average Low      50        10
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              3.5       8.889999

    Sun        Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy                        7:00 AM                8:00 PM
    Endless adventures await in Rome. With two and a half thousand years of history, art and culture, it is no wonder
    Rome is one of the most visited cities on the planet. Gaze at the masterpieces of the Vatican or walk into the past with
    visits to ancient relics, historic monuments and legendary museums. Or people-watch while sipping on an espresso in
    a quaint cafe.
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      71        21
    Average Low      59        15
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              4.2      10.667999

    Mon        Naples, Italy                                             7:00 AM                6:00 PM
    Cruise to Naples, located on Italy's stunning Amalfi coast, a city rich in history. A tour around Naples' grand piazzas,
    cathedrals and castles in the old center will take you back centuries. Pompeii is not too far either, a dashing city which
    boasts diverse cultural offerings and charming streets. Explore more of Naples on a European cruise!
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      71        21
    Average Low      53        11
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              5.1      12.9539995

    Tue        At Sea - Class is 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

    Wed        Mykonos, Greece                                        9:00 AM                10:00 PM
    Mykonos is a classic Greek Island with whitewashed houses, blue-domed churches and windmills. Add a reputation
    for beautiful beaches and you'll understand why Mykonos is the most popular island in the Cyclades. Explore the
    island in a 4 x 4 or take a ferry to the tiny island of Delos. Explore more of Mykonos on a European cruise!
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      72        22
    Average Low      64        17
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              6.6      16.764

    Thu        Rhodes, Greece                                           9:00 AM                6:00 PM
    This Greek island just off the coast of Turkey exudes beauty and history. Take a walking tour of the old fortified city
    and stand in awe of the impressive Grand Master’s Palace. See where the Colossus of Rhodes, a onetime Wonder of
    the World, once stood and savor the charm of this remarkable walled town. Along the scenic coast lies the
    whitewashed town of Lindos with its ancient acropolis and stunning views.
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      76        24
    Average Low      62        16
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              2.6       6.6039996

    Fri        Kusadasi, Turkey                                           8:00 AM                6:00 PM
    Take a journey into the past in richly historic Ephesus. Once an ancient Greek city, Kusadasi was known for the
    famed Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Built, destroyed, and rebuilt again through
    several notably historical periods, Ephesus boasts abounding ruins and archaeological excavation sites. View what
    remains of the Roman Library of Celsus, the Gate of Augustus, the Tomb of John the Apostle, and the Basilica of St.
    John, among several other ancient remnants.
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      75        23
    Average Low      61        16
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              0.3       0.762

    Sat        Santorini, Greece                                           8:00 AM                10:00 PM
    Whitewashed villages clinging to the sides of the sea cliffs have made the volcanic island of Santorini one of the most
    widely photographed places in the world. The island's charm and subtle mystery have even made it a target of
    speculation as the location of the lost city of Atlantis.
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      75        23
    Average Low      60        15
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              1.5      3.81

    Sun        Athens (Piraeus), Greece (Flight Departure)        7:00 AM
    This is the cradle of civilization, the oldest city in Europe. Not only is this city home to the Acropolis and some of the
    most important architectural structures and archaeological finds in the Western world, It is also a very modern city,
    an urban amalgam of extraordinary art, culture, cuisine and shopping. Explore more of Athens on a European cruise!
    Temperature        F        C
    Average High      73        22
    Average Low      58        14
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average              1.9      4.8259997

    Bonnie Broitzman carries on Karlyn Holman’s love for the spontaneity of watercolors. In this workshop, Bonnie
    encourages you to paint freely, letting go of preconceived subjects.  Her lessons on color and design will help you
    shape abstract images with greater meaning. In this workshop colors will be released from traditional forms in nature
    and you will !nd yourself creating purposeful abstracts truer to the "fluid nature of Watercolor. As a professional art
    instructor, Bonnie has taught both public school and college art.  She and Karlyn Holman did over thirty international
    watercolor workshops together. Having taught many subjects, especially European landscapes, buildings, people and
    animals, Bonnie feels this workshop is closer to the heart of how she playfully creates colorful watercolor paintings in
    her wet-in-wet, non-objective style. You will come away from this experience with colorfully loose watercolors and
    you will have a clearer understanding of the fascinating potentials of completely new forms, when color takes the
    lead.  She also teaches from a sound understanding of composition, which will help you when you return to your
    own studios.

    Class Outline: On the 4 days at sea, we will meet at our studio space and paint. Each 'at-sea' day, class will be from 9:
    00 AM to 4:00 PM for your painting enjoyment

    Bonnie's Bio: I knew early that the beauty of the natural world captured my imagination. In my childhood I spent
    many happy hours riding my pony across rolling hills on my family's farm just north of Albert Lea, MN. After taking
    an early retirement from teaching art for th Austin Public Schools to teach Interantional workshop, I made my
    studio/home on the South Shore of Albert Lea Lake.

    Since 2002 my teaching partner, Karlyn Holmand I, have taught over 30 on-location art adventures in both Europe
    and Central America. I also teach all over the US, expecially Florida and Alaska.

    My workshops are designed to improve both drawing and watercolor painting skills. In particular, I enjoy
    encouraging students by drawing out their personal and creative styles. As a professional artist and teacher, my goal
    is always to organize and create sequential lessons that take students to higher levels of creating art and understanding
    composition and color.

    My under graduate art degree is from North Central College in Naperville, IL and my Master's in Education is from
    Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. My Master's Capstone won Hamline's top award for creativity.

    I find that the fluid nature of watercolor is perfect for exploring the spontaneity of the creative process. My personal
    studio pieces are generally larger and very plafully abstract. I am especially grateful for my years of painting both in
    the lovely countryside here at home and thoroughout the US. However, the beautiful architecture of many European
    cities, especially in Greece, France, Italy and Spain and study at the worlds major musiums has been very influential
    in my development as a global artist.