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20-Day South America Explorer
from Santiago, Chile

12 Ports of Call
Onboard the Norwegian Sun
Karlyn Holman

Watercolor - Studio

April 25 - May 15, 2017


    Each cabin can pick 2 free amenities (each good for both people) when you reserve your cabin. You and your cabin
    mate must agree on the 2 amenities and both people will receive the 2  amenities. Let me know if you would like help
    finding a roommate.

    Two Perks per Cabin (guest’s choice):
    Ultimate Beverage Package (Guest 1 & 2) *savings of $652.54 per person*
    4 Night Specialty Dining Package (Guest 1 & 2) *savings of $99.12 per person*
    Pre-Paid Service Charges (Guest 1 & 2) *savings of $297.00 per person*
    250 Minute Wi-Fi Package
    $50 per port Shore Excursion Credit (may be limited to 4 ports)
    $75 On Board Credit
    Complimentary Photos Package (20 photos per stateroom)

    Things to Note:

·        Connecting cabins, specific locations, or accessible rooms should reserve immediately.
·        IX, OX, BX, & MX Categories cannot be included into group & do not qualify for perks.

    Pricing based upon double occupancy and does not include taxes or gratuities:
    Gratuities are an additional $13.50 per person per day - may be prepaid or paid at the end of the cruise. Or, it can be
    one of your perks/amenities.Taxes are charged per person for the total trip regardless of cabin.

    Day                Port                                                        Arrive                        Depart                           
    Tue, Apr 25         Santiago (Valparaiso), Chile                                           5:00 PM
    Cerro Polanco Funicular offers great views of the harbor and surrounding hills. Relax on the beach at Via Del Mar.
    Set at the foot of the Andes, Santiago is Chile's oldest city and also its capital.
    Temperature        °F        °C
    Average High        67        19
    Average Low        52        11
    Precipitation        In        Cm

    Wed, Apr 26         Coquimbo, Chile                                 8:00 AM                5:00 PM
    The quaint harbor town of Coquimbo was once the center of Chile’s thriving gold and copper industry. And while it’s
    still an important shipping port, it’s also a convenient access point for beaches in all directions. While you explore, be
    sure to ask about locally produced wine that’s also a delicious part of the area’s culture.

    Thu, Apr 27         At Sea
    Fri, Apr 28         Arica, Chile                                         8:00 AM                5:00 PM
    Known as the “City of Eternal Spring” for its verdant valleys and sublime climes, Arica is a lush city amid the
    Atacama Desert where humans have been living for the past 10,000 years. Look out for Morro de Arica, important
    not only to the history of the region but a great view for those who make it to the top of this hill on the harbor.
    Explore more of Arica on a South America cruise!
    Temperature        °F        °C
    Average High        75        23
    Average Low        63        17
    Precipitation        In        Cm

    Sat, Apr 29         At Sea                                         

    Sun, Apr 30         Lima (Callao), Peru                         7:00 AM                6:00 PM
    Arrive in Callao, the chief port of Peru, right outside Lima to a place where fishermen in colorful boats fit right in to
    the picture alongside our ship. Trading routes of the 16th century saw goods from all over Peru make their way
    across the Andes (by mule!) to Callao, for ships headed to Spain. Explore more of Callao on a South America cruise!

    Mon, May 01         Trujillo (Salaverry), Peru                         10:00 AM        5:00 PM
    We dock in the port town of Salaverry in Trujillo, a historic city on the banks of a picturesque river in the Moche
    Valley. While it bustles like an emerging modern city now, it was once home to the great prehistoric cultures of the
    Moche and Chimu.
    Temperature        °F        °C
    Average High        77        25
    Average Low        63        17
    Precipitation        In        Cm

    Tue, May 02         At Sea                                         
    Wed, May 03         At Sea
    Thu, May 04         Puntarenas, Costa Rica                         8:00 AM                5:00 PM
    Stroll the seaport town with its multi-colored cottages and local markets. Head to Carara Tropical Rainforest to
    explore exotic flora and fauna with a naturalist guide. Or opt for a tour of San Jose – home of the Teatro Nacional and
    Museo del Oro.
    Temperature        °F        °C
    Average High        92        33
    Average Low        78        25
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average        1.2        3.048

    Fri, May 05         Corinto, Nicaragua                         9:00 AM                6:00 PM
    Nicaragua’s largest port, Corinto sits on an island connected to the mainland by bridges. Nicaragua is home to some
    of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and the area offers long stretches of white sand and clear blue waters. Visit the
    nearby city of León to see the wonderful cathedral, monuments and colonial buildings as well as the ruins of León
    Viejo, one of the oldest Spanish settlements in the Americas.
    Temperature        °F        °C
    Average High        27        -2
    Average Low        22        -5
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average        0.6        1.524

    Sat, May 06         Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala                 8:00 AM                5:00 PM
    This port city was constructed in 1984 to help connect nearby cities. Travelers often venture out to Antigua, a 90-
    minute trek to where 17th century colonial facades beckons and Guatemalan history comes alive.
    Temperature        °F        °C
    Average High        92        33
    Average Low        73        22
    Precipitation        In        Cm

    Sun, May 07         Puerto Chiapas, Mexico                         8:00 AM                5:00 PM
    Ancient Mayan ruins and lush tropical rainforest are home to the Chiapas region. Situated on the Pacific Coast in
    Southwestern Mexico, Puerto Chiapas serves as a small fishing and agricultural center. The archaeological museum in
    nearby Tapachula exhibits artifacts excavated from the region. View Shopping Guide (Current shopping maps
    available onboard.)
    Temperature        °F        °C
    Average High        90        32
    Average Low        71        21
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average        2.3        5.842

    Mon, May 08         Huatulco, Mexico                         8:00 AM                5:00 PM
    Its ancient name means "the place where wood is adored." Thanks to some eco-tourism planning, Huatulco retains a
    great deal of its beloved natural beauty that surrounds its nine crystalline bays and has been awarded the prestigious
    Green Globe certification for its efforts.
    Temperature        °F        °C
    Average High        92        33
    Average Low        70        21
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average        0.9        2.286

    Tue, May 09         At Sea                                      
    Wed, May 10         At Sea      
    Thu, May 11         Cabo San Lucas, Mexico                 7:00 AM                4:00 PM
    Cabo's signature landmark is El Arco ("The Arch"), a rock formation at the tip of "Land's End." The jewel of the Baja
    Peninsula is famous for its world-class sportfishing, as well as its high-end resorts and exclusive gated communities
    that line an area simply called "the Corridor."
    Temperature        °F        °C
    Average High        81        27
    Average Low        58        14
    Precipitation        In        Cm

    Fri, May 12         At Sea                                         

    Sat, May 13         San Diego, California                         8:00 AM                6:00 PM
    It's not just a cliché – San Diego really does have some of the most enjoyable weather anywhere. This Southern Cal
    city also offers 70 miles of soft-sand beaches, a world-renowned zoo, spectacular golf course, and memorable
    destinations like Coronado, La Jolla and Del Mar.

    Temperature        °F        °C
    Average High        68        20
    Average Low        55        12
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average        0.8        2.032

    Sun, May 14         At Sea                                       

    Mon, May 15         San Francisco, California                 8:00 AM             
    Come see why so many people end up leaving their hearts in this city by the Bay. It's a place where little cable cars
    rise up steep hills to reveal magnificent vistas and winding streets meander past candy-colored Victorian homes. With
    so many sights you may want to plan a few extra days to take it all in.

    Temperature        °F        °C
    Average High        63        17
    Average Low        49        9
    Precipitation        In        Cm
    Average        1.5        3.81

Things to know before you call.
    Sara will take your credit card information when you call to select your cabin and explain the payment options for the
    remainder of your fare and all the amenities.