Suzie Seerey-Lester

2-Day Marketing
June 28-29, 2010
Cost TBA

3-day Acrylic
June 30 - July 2, 2010
Cost TBA
Bend, OR

Intermediate to Advanced Students

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Karlyn Holman

Watercolor, Fun and Free

13-Day Gold Coast
Australia and New
Caledonia Cruise
watercolor plus - studio

all level painters and compantions

See Karlyn's upcoming
cruise workshops

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Mary Whyte

Painting the Portrait and the Figure

Dana Point, Orange
County, CA
watercolor - studio

all levels welcome


    See Mary's 2020
    Sorrento, Italy workshop

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    See Mary's 2020
    Bend, Oregon workshop

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Alvaro Castagnet

The Pillars of Watercolor

Santa Barbara, CA
(moved from San Antonio)
watercolor - plein air

intermediate to advanced outdoor
April 24 - 26, 2019 wait list
April 28 - 30, 2019
$625 each

    Seeking answers and
    understanding? This workshop
    will explain all aspects of
    successful painting using
    frequent demonstrations and
    detailed analysis. We will explore
    a range of subject including
    composition and design,
    effectively using light and dark
    values, color mixing, edges,
    brush stroke techniques and
    much more.   Stimulate and
    expand your insight into the
    magic of watercolors! This
    workshop is for resilient outdoor
    painters who want plainspoken
    feedback and lots of painting
    action. Alvaro is author of
    Watercolor Painting with
    Passion, Painting with Passion,
    Beyond Technique and
    Watercolour Masterclass. His
    work has been featured in
    International Artist and The
    Artist’s Magazine.
Herman Pekel

Painting Plein Air in Paris and

Paris, France
watercolor- plein air

all levels welcome
June 8 - 15, 2019
Nonpainters $3000
includes workshop, lodging,
transportation and activities
between flights and most meals.


    Picture yourself painting and
    touring the French countryside
    and Paris too, with internationally
    acclaimed artist, Herman Pekel.
    Herman has great ideas and will
    guide you to make painting fun
    and fast. You will learn about
    color mixing, glazes,
    composition, drying time,
    thickness and edges to create an
    impressionist painting you never
    thought possible with watercolor.
    Enjoy lots of painting action, one-
    on-one instruction, wonderful
    meals and wine, and iconic
    sights! Come, explore Paris,
    Versailles, visit the local villages,
    see Monet's Gardens, and more.
    We have a full itinerary with you
    in mind so don't miss this
    workshop of a lifetime for travel
    enthusiasts and all levels of
    artists. See the full itinerary on
    our website.

Mary Whyte

Painting the Portrait and the Figure

Wait List

Greenville, SC
watercolor - studio

all levels welcome
July 9 - 11, 2019

Live Models - fee included


    Join Mary Whyte for an
    extraordinary workshop in
    watercolor in Greenville. Using
    live models, Mary will
    demonstrate and guide you
    through the techniques of
    planning your compositions,
    drawing, mixing color and
    creating great backgrounds. She
    will show you how to work with
    the model, avoid mistakes and
    give personal critiques and great
    tips for marketing your work.  
    Mary’s work is in many
    corporate and museum
    collections, and has been featured
    in International Artist, American
    Artist, Artist Magazine, and
    American Art Collector
    magazines. She has been
    awarded the Portrait Society of
    America's Gold Medal.

Herman Pekel

Be Brave and Have Fun

Bend, OR
studio and plein air- watercolor

all levels welcome
July 29 - August 2, 2019
August 5 - 9, 2019


    Unearth fresh and honest art
    inside yourself and learn to
    capture it with paint. Herman will
    teach you to find originality in
    your own work. Get started with
    new ideas in a way that is fun
    and fast. You will learn about
    color mixing, glazes,
    composition, drying time,
    thickness and edges to create an
    impressionist painting you never
    thought possible with watercolor.
    Expect to be challenged to be
    brave, and to have fun! Herman's
    works are featured in the books
    Australian Impressionists and
    Realist Artists, 120 years of
    Watercolourist,  Artists and
    Galleries of Australia and New
    Zealand, and Profile on
    Contemporary Watercolours.

Iain Stewart

Sketchbook to Studio.
Recording Your Travels at a Higher

Bend, OR
watercolor - studio

all levels welcome
Aug 12 - 16, 2019


    Few things are more suited for
    travel than a sketchbook, pencil,
    and a small watercolor palette. In
    addition to traditional plein air
    work, Iain will focus on
    strengthening your skills using
    these tools to record your life
    through sketching in watercolor.
    The sounds, smells, sights, and
    people you come across will
    remain fresh in your mind as you
    look over the work you have
    done on site. There is no better
    way to relive your memories than
    a well used sketchbook. Iain
    Stewart is a signature member of
    the National Watercolor Society.

Fealing Lin

Portraits and Figures

Bend, OR
watercolor - studio

levels welcome

August 19 - 23, 2019


    Learn how light affects the
    temperature of colors and values,
    as well as how to use the
    transparency of watercolor to
    allow the glow of the paper to
    shine through. Fealing Lin will
    teach you to combine
    impressionistic brushstrokes and
    semi-abstract techniques to elicit
    life and movement in your
    paintings. She will help you relax
    and enjoy the process as you
    discover the spontaneity of
    watercolor. Fealing's techniques
    are fun and challenging; the
    possibility of compositions and
    expressions are unlimited. She is
    a signature member of the NWS,
    TWSA, Watercolor West, and
    many others..

Michael Reardon

Watercolor Techniques

Bend, OR
watercolor - studio

all levels welcome
some experience helpful
August 26-29, 2019


    Technique is everything and
    Michael Reardon will help you
    explore many ways to strengthen
    your skills in landscape and
    cityscape watercolor painting.
    You will learn how to create a
    strong composition, use value to
    invoke a sense of light and
    manipulate color for a full
    expressive effect. Join us for this
    4-day workshop and go home
    with an abundance of techniques
    to use the rest of your life.
    Michael is the Author of Painting
    Light and Color in Landscapes
    and Cityscapes, from North Light
    Books and has three instructional

David Taylor

"Moving Forward and Capturing the

Santa Barbara, CA
watercolor - plein air

intermediate to advanced
September 9 - 13, 2019


    Capture the fleeting moments!
    David will show you the best
    way to tackle painting the rugged
    coastline, the sea with its
    character, the calm waters and
    boats in the beautiful harbor, and
    street scenes along the harbor
    and about the city offering
    movement, color, and
    atmosphere. He will encourage
    your creativity and individuality
    and give you insight into
    portraying the subject in simple
    terms, helping you get fresh,
    spontaneous results. David is the
    coauthor of Solving Mysteries in
    Watercolor with Ron Ranson.  
    His work has been featured in the
    International Artist Magazine.
Karlyn Holman

"Watercolor Fun and Free"

19-Days, 9 Countries,
Transatlantic Cruise
watercolor plus, studio

all levels of painters and non
painting companions are

11  Ports of Call Onboard the
Norwegian Getaway
October 20 - November 8,
$695 (cruise is separate)


    Join us for a travel and painting
    adventure of a lifetime. Karlyn
    Holman and Art in the Mountains
    invite you to join us on this 19-
    day art adventure from
    Copenhagen, Denmark to New
    Orleans.  Karlyn will provide
    instruction, demonstrations,
    individual help and critiques on
    the 6 days at sea so you can
    enjoy your off-ship excursions
    with your companion(s).  No on
    location painting experience is
    necessary. Karlyn will teach En
    Plein Air techniques, as well as
    fun and free approaches to
    watercolor.  Enjoy travel
    adventures with other artists
    without hauling all kinds of
    equipment. We will paint in the
    comfort of the ship and use our
    "off of the ship time" to gather
    photos and just have fun. Karlyn
    has taught more than seventy-
    five International workshops and
    feels that painting and travel are
    valuable learning experiences.