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    Shake it up with David
    Lobenberg. Apply watercolor
    with splatters, swabs, slaps,
    splats, and slashes to that
    portrait you’ve be waiting to
    paint or use one of David’s
    outline drawings. Come
    flood, blossom, and create
    textures with a style that is
    about gesture, expressive
    color, soft transparency and
    hard opacity. You’ll paint
    several studies with step-by-
    step demonstrations from
    painting start to painting
    finish including a Santa in the
    Summer Segment. David’s
    watercolor paintings can be
    found in private, public, and
    corporate collections across
    the country.  His work has
    been featured in American
    Artist, Southwest Art, and
    American Art Collector
    magazines and several others.
David Lobenberg

California-Vibe Watercolor Portraiture
Studio - all levels welcome
Bend, OR

Class Description

    Like California’s San Andreas fault line, David Lobenberg likes to shake things up. He applies watercolor paint to
    paper with splatters, swabs, slaps, splats, and slashes. It is added, subtracted, and added again. He floods,
    blossoms, and textures. His style is about gesture, no-holds-barred expressive color, odd shapes in odd places, soft
    transparency and hard opacity. This Golden State artist calls it “California-Vibe Portraiture”. In his five-day
    workshop, you too will learn how to shake It up starting with David’s method of posing and taking photographs of
    your subjects to tracing out simple outline contour drawings of their head and features from the photographs. The
    drawings are then easily traced onto sheets of watercolor paper from quarter to full sheet size. After that, it’s time
    to California-Vibe them!

    He has had his work published nationally and internationally in American Artist, Southwest Art, American Art
    Collector, Plein Air, The Palette, Pratique Des Art, and The Art Of Watercolour magazines.

    DAY 1      Introductions all around followed by a Lobenberg California Vibe Portraiture demo and question/answer
    session. Next - your time to learn about and explore the planes of the head followed by the features of the face.
    Finally, we will put it all together to paint our first few portrait studies. Water/pigment consistencies will be stressed
    starting with tea and ending with nice thick butter. I will also demonstrate the California Vibe approach to portrait
    reference photography, head and feature contour tracing, plane paper copying, and transfer to watercolor paper.

    DAY 2/3      SANTA IN THE SUMMER! What better way to get into the California Vibe color groove then to
    follow David’s step-by-step watercolor procedure to render Santa Claus in all his North Pole glory? And just in the
    nick of time (pun intended) to reproduce for your future holiday greeting cards. Oh,oh,oh! Learn how to translate
    natural color values (“valhues”) into expressive color statements (“vibehues”). The remainder of time will be
    devoted to expressing yourself with quarter sheet California Vibe Portraiture studies.        

    DAYS 4/5   Two more days of California watercolor good vibrations! A few more quarter sheet color study
    exercises, after which I will conduct individual constructive critiques and you will start your own personal vibe
    paintings! We will end the last day with a group exhibit, constructive critiques, and high fives all around!

    David Lobenberg’s high level of excellence in figurative/ landscape watercolor and acrylic painting is well
    recognized by artists and collectors nationwide. David Lobenberg is a teacher and fine artist specializing and
    exhibiting in the mediums of watercolor and acrylic. His works and techniques have been published in the following
    national and international periodicals: The Art Of Watercolour, Southwest Art, Artist’s Magazine, Art Collector,
    Plein Air Magazine, The Palette Magazine, and Pratique De Arts. His works have been exhibited in the United
    States,  France, Southeast Asia, and Turkey. David has been teaching art workshops for over thirty years in
    California and out-of-state. His teaching style can be summed up with the following words: exuberant, fun,
    engaging, and encouraging. Recent workshop venues include Art In The Mountains (Oregon), Peninsular Art
    League (Washington), Sierra Watercolor Society (Nevada), Utah Watercolor Society in Salt Lake City and Saint
    George, California Watercolor Association, The Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Association (California), Society of
    Western Artists (California), and the Crocker Art Museum (Sacramento, California).

    He has completed commissioned works for
    The United States Air Force,
    Thunderbirds Alumni Association,
    the Amgen Tour Of California,
    The Sacramento Kings and River Cats,
    Major league baseball players Barry Zito and Nick Swisher,
    IMAX Corporation, and
    SureWest Corporation, to name a few.

    David Lobenberg has a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from UCLA and is an adjunct art professor at Sacramento City
    College. His work has been reproduced in American Artist, Southwest Art, and American Art Collector magazines.