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    A great drawing is the foundation
    of a great painting. Charles Reid,
    the master of contour drawing,
    will teach you how to concentrate
    on interconnecting shapes rather
    than drawing separate objects.
    Discover how to simplify and
    avoid overworking by focusing on
    good paint consistency. Practice
    “direct painting”, using as few
    over-washes as possible. Achieve
    the correct color, edge variety, and
    tonal value on the first try. Charles
    is the author of Charles Reid’s
    Watercolor Secrets and Charles
    Reid’s Watercolor Solutions, and
    many more. He is a member of the
    National Academy of Design.

"Watercolor Solutions"

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Charles Reid

Studio Still Life, Landscapes and Figures

November 1-5, 2010
Santa Barbara, CA

Cost $895

Intermediate to Advanced
Charles Reid

Drawing and Painting with
Charles Reid
Intermediate to Advanced

October 16 - 20, 2017

and/or Oct 23 - 27, 2017

Charleston, SC

$995 each


    Charles Reid has long been considered a master of the medium of watercolor, and has written numerous books
    on the subject. His paintings are fresh and spontaneous, displaying his profound understanding of light and color
    and expert drawing ability. The viewer is immediately drawn into his rich compositions. His figures are beautifully
    rendered, in a simple, direct and natural, gestural manner that reveals his interest in painting the light as much as the

    Reid was born in Cambridge, New York, and studied art at the University of Vermont at Montpelier and the Art
    Students League of New York. He has won numerous awards, including the Childe Hassam Purchase Prize at the
    American Academy of Arts and Letters, and from the National Academy of Design and the American Watercolor
    Society. In 1980 he was elected an Associate of the National Academy of Design. Public collections of his work
    include Smith College, Yellowstone Art Center, Brigham Young College, Roche Corporation, and the National
    Academy of Design. In addition to painting, Reid teaches workshops across the country, and has written eight
    books on painting in watercolor and oil.